Palumbo and Sweet

Focused on Medicaid Planning

Welcome to the Palumbo and Sweet, LLC We are happy you have chosen to visit us. It's never too early or too late to see if we can help. We are focused on helping people protect their loved ones and their assets when navigating the confusing field of long-term care and public benefits, like Medicaid, Medicare, and Veterans Administration —commonly called "elder law." The need for care and benefits may be immediate, or it might just be a possibility in the future. We offer solutions to help our clients meet eligibility for those benefits, while caring for their loved ones and protecting their hard-earned assets.

We focus on helping clients with elder law needs

Our firm is not only a law firm - we are your partner through navigating all of your elder law needs. We are here for you because we have been there—we personally know the stress and time commitment of handling issues with loved ones, whether navigating nursing homes, the public benefits process, or many other stressful components of this process. We are here to fight for and cheer for you, support you, and we are here to be an extension of you to your loved ones during this process.

We are sensitive to the needs of married couples

The laws of public benefits apply differently to married couples versus single individuals.
  • Married couples face devastating financial consequences for the spouse who stays home.
  • We concentrate on finding ways to leave that spouse in the best financial position possible while securing good care for the other spouse.
  • Some think divorce is the best or only option to avoid financial ruin—there are other options and some where it may be possible to save or protect all.
  • Review our Client Profiles to see if you're within the groups we can help.

How we help

It all depends on when you come to us.
  • Well before anything's wrong, we offer estate planning services providing key documents (powers of attorney, wills, advance directives, etc.) giving us the tools to help protect assets if it's necessary later in life and you no longer have the capacity to act on your own.
  • If family history signals a high likelihood of nursing home care, we offer immediate asset protection plans to be ahead of the 5-year look-back.
  • If there's been a diagnosis that often transitions someone to a nursing home, we consult with you and your family to identify goals, address available asset-protection options, and to address other practical considerations to set the family on a proactive (instead of reactive) path to secure good care while protecting hard-earned money.
  • If applying for benefits is appropriate, we work with you and your family to gather all the information necessary and then work with the government agencies to prove eligibility according to a plan we create.
  • If you or a loved one is entering a nursing home, we review the contracts and entrance agreements to explain rights and obligations along with helping to keep the contracts from creating unwarranted personal liability.
  • Please review our offered services to learn more about how we can help you.