Our Fees

We know one of the first things on your minds is not necessarily what do I get—it's how much does this cost? Lawyers have a reputation for being expensive. Most specialists and narrowly focused attorneys come at a premium because of their expertise. We fall into that category.

But we know you don’t like surprises. And most of all, you want value for your money.

We hear you.

Whenever possible, we work on flat fees. That way you have a budget and know what we're going to provide.

Here's a list of our service fees for our common services:
  • Asset Protection Consultations: $500 in office (extra fee for out of office consultations).
  • Estate Planning Services: Will-based plans start at $900; Trust-based plans start at $1,900.
  • Durable Powers of Attorney: $250 for couples; $175 for single individuals.
  • Nursing Home Agreement Review: $500
  • Medicaid Planning and Applications: Every family is different and cost is a function how much time we must spend on your case.
  • Other Services: If we perform other services for you, we may charge hourly or work on a flat fee.

A Note to Our Clients

We know you are cost-conscious—when it comes to our business, we are, too. We are here to earn a living helping you. We budget our costs so we can provide value to you as a responsible business enterprise. Our service fees are a reflection of our experience and of the countless hours researching and learning the law to help you. Our services might be different from other attorney’s services, and if you consult with us, we believe our discussions will bear that out.