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Formula 1 for Dementia Research

I thought this was an interesting story. Three-time Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart's wife was diagnosed with dementia back in 2014 and the story highlights his efforts to energize research efforts in dementia and Alzheimers by applying the spirit of Formula 1 racing. Here's hoping they find success!

The Medicaid System Is Strained

The Medicaid system doesn't operate the way it should. Read this Article published in the Akron Beacon Journal talking about the service backlogs for Medicaid applications. The article cites there are 88,000 pending Medicaid cases in Ohio (granted, that's for more than just nursing home benefits). But that's a huge number and a heavy burden on the counties charged with the responsibility to carry out the program.

When you work with an attorney, we can do two things—help navigate the backlog to make this process move along steadily (including appealing when deadlines aren't me (think squeaky wheel) and help keep the nursing home comfortable by confirming that the application should ultimately be approved.

One of the biggest problems is that while all these cases are pending for months, the facilities are not paid by Medicaid. Then if Medicaid denies the case (4 or 5, or sometimes 9, months later), there's no one to pay the bill. There's no Medicaid coverage and there's no money left. Who's left holding the bag? The nursing home—they're out the money they fronted for the staff, food, and building space for your loved one's care. They might be angry, especially if they think someone's at fault. The last thing you want is a displeased nursing home taking care of your loved one.

So, keep in mind that having an attorney help navigate the Medicaid system can reduce a lot of stress. It can reduce the likelihood that an application gets denied. It can reduce a nursing home's stress with an attorney looking to make sure their resident has complied with eligibility rules. And it can help reduce the family's stress with the overwhelming and complicated application process.

The system is very strained and the rules are so complex. If you need help, we're here.