News Updates

Chase Scam

I got an interesting text. My "Chase-Bank" card is "temporary" locked.

Should I call them to unlock it? Funny—I don't remember having an account at Chase Bank or Chase-Bank.

These scammers are relentless and pathetic. But this would have caught me off guard if I had a Chase account. Always think critically about notices you receive. Anything that would come from a big corporate bank like Chase would certainly not look like this. And when in doubt, call the number on your card or a number you know is legitimate to confirm any notices you receive.

Senior Scams

Elderly, and kind people, too, aren't always willing to walk away from a conversation to or to simply call someone's BS. That's how we end up with a lot of fraud. Today's article from highlights some key points to remember.

I think the most important thing is to tell the elderly it's ok to hang up.

Choosing Facilities

Choosing facilities for a loved one is always hard. It's a very overwhelming process because you don't know what you don't know and there are so many choices. This article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer is an excellent source for tips to consider. There are also a number of professionals who seek to find the right facility for someone. In that, they'll take the time to review the health history, personality, and family geography considerations to offer reasonable options for people to consider. The key point here is that there is help available and there are many things to consider.ß

Formula 1 for Dementia Research

I thought this was an interesting story. Three-time Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart's wife was diagnosed with dementia back in 2014 and the story highlights his efforts to energize research efforts in dementia and Alzheimers by applying the spirit of Formula 1 racing. Here's hoping they find success!