Nursing Home Administrators and Social Workers

If anyone knows how stressed and overwhelmed families feel when facing long-term care, it’s you. They don’t know what to do and they’ve turned to you. And often enough families don’t show up with a clean bill of financial health—they’ve made gifts or have illiquid resources that would prevent eligibility. Those issues can severely harm your chances of a successful Medicaid application and possibly create problems in getting your facility paid. And there are often solutions to most past problems while smartly applying the existing Medicaid rules.

There’s often a level of distrust when families are working with an attorney—and we understand why, we use the rules in the best interests of our clients. But that’s not to say we don’t have mutual goals. We want our clients to receive good care and have a means to pay for it—whether that be privately or with government benefits.

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reach out to us with any issues to see if we can help the family overcome a hurdle.